Latest News (Updated 25th May 2018)

Friday 25th May 2018

Various updated added with Update 6B and 6C to Newsletters added, also information on temporary one-way works outside, GDPR and also web sites on the move.


Monday 16th April 2018
Newsletter 6 and Update 6A have been published on the Paper Catalouges section. As an experiment some of these titles in the Stock List have clickable links.

Monday 2nd April 2018

Various pages added and updated to include the new titles.


Sunday 4th March 2018
Several temporary updates added to the Paper Newsletters page, to cover the next few weeks.


Thursday 21st September 2017

We have a quick update, with more news on our recent titles. Download Update 5B to Newsletter 5 here.


Thursday 20th July 2017

We have two new titles from Steven Knight Media, and some more news on our recent titles. Download Update 5A to Newsletter 5 here.


Wednesday 14th June 2017

Newsletter 5 (Summer 2017) now online –  Download the Summer 2017 Paper Newsletter, Order Form and Catalogue as a PDF or view the Interactive Version here


Thursday 11th January 2017

Happy New Year! Read more about all our new London Pocket Guides here… or download a paper Update 4A to Newsletter 4 for printing


Saturday 17th December 2016

News of our new Comprehensive Guide (Perpertual Editions) are now online, and we are taking pre-orders. See here.


Thursday 28th September 2016

We have a new range of 44 new pocket guides, click here to see them all!

Also updated Newsletters page.


Sunday 28th August 2016

General site update, including more on the Strathtay 31 Years book, and a new Newsletter to download (also on this page).


Between these two dates

Various minor updates to the site.


Sunday 31st January 2016

Jan-Mar Paper Newsletter now online, along with our updated Terms & Conditions and Policies document.


Wednesday 28th October 2015

We are today launching a series of new Pocket Guides, covering different parts of London. More details on them all at – including a free sample to download!


Wednesday 29th July 2015

Our e-Newsletter goes out every week (sometimes fortnightly). To streamline things, instead of posting the links here, you can now click these via eNewsletter Archive link – above, or click on the text.

You can also find, print, or order, our Paper Catalogues, online via this link.


Tuesday 23rd June 2015 (part two/three)

I am proud today to be announcing the arrival of Minnie-olta, a Konica Minolta Bizhub C353 Copier/Multi-function printer. This was what we spent the weekend making room for. The biggest Achilles heel in the company has proven to be the printers we have used. As we are getting the loose leaf binders and filled here, it does make sense I believe, to do this – meaning the sell costs will be much lower, and not far away from our current book range. More on our new titles in due course. Needless to say we are also looking at a Franking Machine, dubbed Frankie2… We are expecting Minnie-olta’s delivery and installation on Friday, with Frankie2 not that far behind or maybe earlier. Enclosed photo is from the brochure, ours will be used and will have a finisher attached too.   After we get Strathtay, The First 30 Years off for proofing (the last printed book we will use with the last printer), work will begin on the new batch of titles. Having our own equipment WILL speed things up considerably.


Also, our brand new Online Shop is now live. The site is linked from or go directly to   All our 2014 books are there, along with ALL of our the Steven Knight stuff. This brings up to date the range we have, including two new pre-orders. Stagecoaach Manchester and Stagecoach South, which are due next month.           I’ve used the ICW BigCartel shop for tees and DVD’s and been happy with it’s ease of use. I got further with Big Cartel in an hour than I had done with Opencart in over one year! Very good tools. Our own new range will follow in the coming months.



Tuesday 23rd June 2015 (part one)

New company shop online – follow this link




Our New Range

As the majority of you will be only too aware, we had no end of problems with our printers. This culminated in their MD being up here for “tea and biscuits”. He seemed to be of the opinion that things were improving, rather than going the other way. They have cost us potential sales, and a joint venture, not to say all the time and delays, with problems over quality, inconsistency, and cutting corners.

The company who we’ve been working with, were the only one printer who can do at a cost, in penny numbers at a time. We were, however, looking for alternatives. (Suzy was also looking at returning to a 9-5-ish job, but that’s as far as it went). We are still covering the running costs of the company from our own income during these quiet spells, although we’d like the costs to be covered by what we sell. Also, Suzy hasn’t drawn a salary since we started the company in August 2011, there is also a long term aspiration. There’s also the small matter of our wedding!

We had a few ideas, approaches, and more, and have decided on our path, following a moment of “could we…”! The problems of quality checking not being done, and also being up-to-date as possibile (without the printer taking several weeks after we put the book together) – were something that could be resolved in one shot. In other words, we started from the ground up, and looked at our entire approach to the way we do things. We have picked three different products, and hopefully one will suit you!

Our current large area books will become a new, loose-leaf book, with updates monthly. This means that, whenever you buy this book, it can be always up to date. It also means that we save waste, by only reprinting timetables when services change. Every purchaser gets six months free downloadable updates, or a 20% discount on the costs of the printed updates, for the same time. After that, you can pay to receive our updates by post, or downloadable online. This starts from the day you buy this book.  This should get round the issues of delays, while assembling ourselves means we can do the quality check on every copy – something our printer seemed to overlook sometimes. We won’t hide the fact that this will cost more, but we believe it will be more a premium product. Don’t forget though, that this is a Perpetual Edition – you will pay a small fee for updates, as opposed to buying the whole book every 6 to 12 months.

For those who want to download the book, this will be the second option. You will be able to get the pages almost instantly. Again, this will include six months updates free. Those who buy the paper book will get access to download the book itself free, during this three-month period. This is also continues automatically when you sign up for Paper or Downloadable Updates. This highly-requested option will naturally be a lot cheaper without the costs involved with paper.

Finally, we will have a third product we will experiment with in some areas – a totally free, advertising-supported, local area timetable. These will be free (or for a token sum, in some areas, if required) and we will start with the Welwyn & Hatfield area. This will be a one-off book with no updates, but will be updated as regularly as business dictates. This is the first time we’ve taken paid advertising, but this only applies to our smaller guides. This allows us to give a relevant amount of information at little cost, and also to raise awareness of our products. We have heard some who say, when people ask, that there is nothing. When something is free of charge, there is less likelihood of this. As an example, a Welwyn Hatfield timetable book will hopefully be available late this summer, alongside a Hertfordshire perpetually updated edition. For those who wish to have the information for the smaller area before you go there, we will be happy to mail you a copy, for a small fee (to cover postage and packaging.)

In terms of our flagship range of Perpetual Editions, the folders are made by a company in this country – in Staines-upon-Thames (Surrey) by Celsur Plastics , while the inserts are printed in Islington, north London by CLP the company that I used back in the DBB days fifteen years ago! As a result, the work will be done in a less than thirty mile radius from our offices.

The updates will take the form of either a downloadable online one, or paper ones sent by post. You can pay in 1, 3, 6, 12 month blocks. Downloadable options, again, are cheapest with a lower set of costs. Subscribing for longer time periods will save money – especially for downloads, where paying a year up front can save up to half the costs of paying each month!

We do thank our loyal customers for their patience during these times. We may have taken our eyes off the prize, but we can assure you we’re wanting everything back once more. We should be able to confirm the prices and information in the next weeks.




Here To There’s Weekly Transport News Update – follow the links for each week’s e-News

Wednesday 8th April 2015;

Tuesday 31st March 2015;
Wednesday 25th March 2015;

Wednesday 19th March 2015;


Bank Holiday Arrangements for our Customer Services team

Our Customer Services team have recently extended their opening hours to seven days a week (weekdays 08.30-19.00, weekends until 16.00). Over the forthcoming holiday periods, they are closed on some English bank holidays.

Good Friday – 3rd April
Easter Sunday – 5th April
Easter Monday – 6th April 
Monday 4th May
Monday 25th May



Here To There’s Weekly Transport News

Tuesday 10th March 2015


The first of our new weekly newsletters has gone out to our email subscribers. You can see it at




Here To There’s Weekly Transport News

Wednesday 4th March 2015


The first of our new weekly newsletters has gone out to our email subscribers. You can see it at
Not on the list? Join free online via our website




Here To There’s Weekly Transport News

Wednesday 4th March 2015


The first of our new weekly newsletters has gone out to our email subscribers. You can see it at
Not on the list? Join free online via our website



Here To There’s Weekly Transport News,

Wednesday 25th February 2015


Sorry to pester you all !

After yesterday’s news, we did manage to get all my current HTML based sites swapped over to WordPress, including my personal site (the latter is the only one with a bug, hence it looks half-finished, but this is under investigation).
So, all the following new look sites are ready, and I’d welcome feedback; – Company Site (Shop pending) In One Place – turquoise – Suzy’s Bus Stuff In One Place – mid-blue – Suzy’s own things In One Place – violet – Bedford Area Bus Users Society – dark blue – Dundee, Angus, P&K Timetables In One Place – red


Scottish Bus Fleetlists can be found at their new home of


Also, Dundee Area Bus Forum hasn’t opened to the public yet, as some members expressed concerns, so it’s up for a poll. We are still happy to admit new members to the Forum.


Many thanks!

Right, let you back to lunch…

Suzy J




Here To There’s Weekly Transport News,

Tuesday 24th February 2015


Welcome to the new look, Here To There Publishing       , Newsletter.


We’ve revamped this Newsletter with more variety, each week. As well as hearing first about our newest books, we can bring in more, such as news from across the transportation industry. You will find some of the best bits from our blog, and some exclusive articles. This will go out to all e-mailed Newsletter customers only initially, then to the mainstream blog the following day. I would welcome feedback on our new approach, as well as the content we show. From next week, this blog will be a HTML mailout i.e. there will be graphics and photos to show. This should work on every mail client, and there should be a “show graphics” option if you cannot see them. If these problems persist, let us know.





Company News


New Look Website

As part of a long-promised-to-myself upgrade, Here To There Publishing has a new website – still at It’s been redone in WordPress, and now integrates the blog as part of the website. Still doing the Shop in the very near future, so there is a link to the old pages to buy something. If you want to buy anything not yet online, or anything else, feel free to drop us a line. You can also speak to our Customer Services Team, who are now open seven days a week. has also been revamped, and you will notice a corporate look and feel to these new sites, in the near future.


You can also see our new look websites now for,, simply by adding /wp to the end i.e. Once these links stop working, remove the /wp i.e. to see the new live sites. Suzy’s personal site will be the last.


This is the first major revamp of our websites to use newer technology. Not only does it look better, more easily updated, and saving time like no-one’s business, it’s more up-to-date. Essentially the way I’ve been doing websites hasn’t changed since 1997, so it’s time for a new way of doing things. The WordPress theme I use is BlogBox, which has our host font as part of the package. It’s easy to do things with it, and what would take me an hour then another half hour to upload and test, just goes live immediately after I hit “Publish”… no testing, checking, uploading to the wrong directory, finding the file I just over-wrote, and putting it back in the right one… you get the idea! Also, it looks lovely on mobile browsers and tablets… J

As part of the revamp(s), you will doubtless find some links that no longer work. If there’s a page that you can no longer find, just drop me a line and I’ll be happy to point you to it.


New Facebook Page

Our Here To There Publishing Facebook group is being replaced by a Facebook Page. Pages eing the new way for businesses to communicate with our customers… just as it used to be five years ago, before FB shifted it to groups! So, we are about to stop posting over on the group. Please sign up for our new Facebook page at


New Opening Times for Customer Service Team

Our Customer Services Team in Ely (operated by PA Answer) have been helping our customers for almost a year now. As of Friday 6th February, they have been open even longer, now seven days a week! – from 08.30 to 19.00 Monday to Friday (Weekdays), and now from 08.30 to 17.00 Saturdays and Sundays. Just ring Welwyn 01707 246232, Ely 01353 468393, Dundee 01382 238903, London 020 7993 8123, whichever is cheapest for you! If you are ringing from the states, call our Rochester number 1-585-298-9297. All these virtual lines point through to our same team in Ely, Cambridgeshire.


Incidentally, this was done at no extra cost – our service costs did go up for the first time when the company raised their prices for the first time in their history. Given the much-extended opening hours, and the level of service, we’re happy J


New Books from Steven Knight Media

There are two modern fleetbooks under construction, along with a Stagecoach Heritage Fleet special publication, and the fourth of the Midland Red Historical series.


To reflect forthcoming and last year’s price rises from the Royal Mail, we’ve adapted our prices now – to save dong so twice!


Read more about the new books and old, at


Until the new Shop is ready, you may need to speak by phone to order these titles. Failing that, however, you can email us via the links on the website, or at the foot of this message. We will be happy to send you a PayPal invoice for the titles.



Non-Company News

Keep an eye on between Newsletters.




That’s all for now. Let me know if you need any more information on any of the above.


Kind regards,
Suzy & Caroline

Here To There Publishing Ltd



Get In Touch / Contact Us


Head office for Postal Mail, website questions,

emails, Invoices questions, etc.


Here To There Publishing Ltd

Apartment 4

38-40 Stonehills





if that bounces, use

Twitter @HereToTherePub

(checked 09.30-17.30 Mon/Wed/Fri at least)


(checked 09.30-17.30 Mon/Wed/Fri at least)


Making a delivery to our premises in WGC

If you are trying to make a delivery to our premises in Welwyn Garden City, the hours remain the

same – call Suzy’s mobile on 07907 578595 to check on the day, or if you need help with directions.


Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays ONLY ->                 09.30 to 17.30 (unless by prior arrangement!)


Customer Services Team – based in Ely, Cambs


Customer Services Team – extended hours from Friday 6th February 2015

Welwyn Garden City 01707 246232

Ely 01353 468396

Dundee 01382 238903

London 020 7993 8123

Rochester NY (00) 1 585 298 9297

(use which number is cheapest for you!)

These numbers all go through to our new team in Ely who are happy to help you

Monday – Friday 08.30 to 19.00

Saturday – Sunday 08.30 to 16.00

Closed English Bank Holidays.



Here To There Publishing Ltd – Legal Lettering

Company is registered in England and Wales as a Limited Company 07755607 Directors S R Scott, C M Mathieson. Registered Address; Here To There Publishing Ltd, c/o Bracey’s Accountants Ltd., Unit 4, The Maxet Suite, Ardent House, Gates Way, Stevenage, Hertfordshire, SG1 3HG. This address in Stevenage is NOT for orders and requests. Please use the address shown in Welwyn Garden City, which you can find above.


This is the end of the message.
Stop reading now J

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