Our New Loose Leaf, Comprehensive Guides – Perpertual Editions of our timetables (Updated 14th June 2017)

Our New Loose Leaf Perpetual Editions, also known as Comprehensive Guides


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Surrey A5 for mages

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Beds A5 Front FOR IMAGE 

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n.b. Downloadable updates will be online at http://www.h2tdownloads.info although this site is in Beta mode.



We finally now have the first few of these on sale! A new loose-leaf five volume set covering Greater London, two for Surrey, are on sale now. You can pre-order our Herts and Essex titles, due for the first quarter of 2017. You can also pre-order our single volumes for Tayside, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire, which we expect in the first half of 2017. There are many more titles which we expect to produce in the near future, but we are not taking orders etc. for those yet.


Your initial purchase gets a discount on paper updates, or free downloadable updates, for a period of six months. This is standard on all of our titles.


Some questions are answered below.


How much are these?

Most are £45 per volume, with smaller volumes charged at £25 or £35 as appropriate.  There are various set offers for you to add to your collection. We will be doing our Price Match once again – in the event that  your pre-order should increase in price, you will still be charged the original price. In the event that it goes down, you will be given a credit note, to represent the actual price charged. Either way, you win!


What about postage?

Postage is free in the UK for regular customers. This cost is covered (sustainably) by the amount laid aside for trade discounts, as they have a separate postage policy. You may find that two or three books might be sent separately instead of together, to achieve this. If you wonder why – one of our filled A5 ring binders, in a box, weighs about 2 kilograms, and will cost us £2.57 to post on Mailmark. 2kg is the Royal Mail weight limit for Small Parcels in the UK. If I put two books in a box, 4kg will cost me £13.75… which is why we will send these separately, costing us £5.14… So, if we do this, please don’t be alarmed, but we will make every attempt to let you know if this is the case. We post these Royal Mail Second Class postage to many destinations, or via several couriers.


Can I pay these sets over a few months?

We would be happy to split payments of £75 or more, over three months as you decide. To do this, just give us a ring, email or letter. We can accept cheques or Credit/Debit card details, in the latter case to be one month apart.


Do you still have your Prepaid Mailing List?

Yes we do! We have a full mention of this, and how to apply and top up, elsewhere in this Newsletter. You can use the Prepaid Mailing List for anything we produce on paper, as well as the books of Steven Knight Media.


So, how do I get the free online updates?

If you order from us, we will email you (via the e-mail address on the order form – or post if you have not supplied one), with a voucher code. This will include details of which offers this works with, but you should be able to go to www.h2tdownloads.info and follow the steps given.  If you’ve bought your book in a store, there will be a set of additional instructions inside the book.


When do the updates start from?

The updates start the day you sign up, or when the book is produced – whichever of the two is the latter. In other words, if you pre-order a title and updates, the update time won’t start ticking until it is time for the book.



So, how do I get the 20% discount on paper updates?

If you order from us, this can be done two ways. Firstly, if you are ordering by post, please subtract your discount from the price of the six month printed update. If you are ordering online, you can order both (and receive a credit note/PayPal refund, as the system cannot work with the variety of options). Alternatively, the book comes out to you with the discount details enclosed, for you to then decide.


Is it possible to subscribe to more than one online area?

Will it be possible to get a complete set on download?

Yes. We will have a plan for £12 per month, or £99 per year, to get unlimited downloads of all our timetable books. You can (soon) sign up for this at www.h2tdownloads.info or we can supply full details on request.


Can I still keep an archive of your books?

For those who wish to archive our books, you can select paper updates, then store the old pages, every month/two months depending on the area, in a separate ring binder or lever-arch folder.  If you prefer, you can buy a new book as often as you like, and simply move the old one to your archive. Where the book shows Perpetual Edition on the spine and cover, you can add a removable sticky note or label, with the date in question. This is ideal if you often get swamped with new leaflets, and just want a book to use and refer to.


Can I buy some more folders? / How can I buy an empty binder?

You can order from one upwards (including all the fittings, like pockets etc. fitted to the main book), via Section 6 of our Catalogue, by telephone, or online. For quantities of empty folders, and in a variety of formats (including those we don’t use), speak to Celsur Plastics who supply us. They can be contacted by telephone on 01784 457175.


Is there an option for a large print edition?

We will provide a ring binder in A5 size, in a spine width to suit the amount of contents we expect. As an alternative, you can pay to have them sent to you in A4 size, for an additional extra charge to cover the costs and postage (these will only generally be sold direct). The cost will not simply differ, as the postage has to be large letter for A4 updates, and then we do have the 2kg weight jump that means we might go to a courier. If you’d like a book in A4, get in touch for a quote. Alternatively, I’ll be happy to print up to 20 sheets (per year/volume purchased) in a larger format on request, at no additional charge.


When ordering online, why is the cheapest price sometimes shown?

The online products often have more than one option, meaning we can serve you easier – whether you want one or the set. Simply drop the list down, until you can find the product / volume / update pack you want. If you are having difficulties online, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We can also take payments by telephone or by post.

The rail timetables last time, added a lot of bulk?

We also appreciate that the rail timetables get a mixed response. Therefore, we will have them in a loose-leaf plastic pocket, in the booklet/leaflet supplied by the train operators. This means we can add train timetables at less cost, and those who don’t want them, can remove them from their ring binder, or simply not purchase the relevant separate parts if it is not of interest to them.



What about colour maps, that are larger than A4?

As our printer can do good colour A3 prints as well, we can use that facility too. For an A2 size map, we can print this double-sided on A3, i.e. split over two A3 sheets, to get the map the right size. The Atlas-style mapping will only be used in an emergency. Most town maps will be shown as A5.



With the download option, what happens – do you email me the relevant files?

You will get an email from our Mailchimp account, which we use for our eNewsletter. You’ll be told what has changed, and given the link. After you login with your user ID and password, you can download the most recent files. You can login at any time to view the latest timetables, which you can view, download, or print at any time.



When I log in, I find a file link to an older version?

Oops! E-mail or ring me, and I’ll get that resolved.



What do you post out, in each paper mailing?

Each pack is different. In each, there will be an updated Index To Services/Page Checklist.  Each sheet will be sent out in a cut, ready to use, format. We will normally punch these with holes to fit the folder (two holes for A5, four holes for A4), but you can request to have them unpunched, if you prefer. Introductory pages will be reissued, as and when things change. Timetables, Maps etc. will be sent to you for your folder as and when they are reissued, subject to licensing too!



Other Questions – also see the FAQ Page