Prepaid Mailing List

Our Prepaid Mailing List


Did you know, we have a Prepaid Mailing List? You can either pre-order titles from a geographical area of your choice, from one book to a set, as they are produced. Alternatively, you can pre-pay and then order when you get our e-News or Newsletters.


To start, send an email with your interest, and prepaid credit. You can do this by cheque, card or online, from £3 to £100 upwards.


If you want to do this online, follow this link to add more credit, or start your subscription.

You can add more than one credit top up to your basket (i.e. £3 + £5 + £10 to make £18). A minimum top up of £3.00 applies, to allow us to cover admins and banking charges. Otherwise, there are no limits.


This helps you and us, as it allows quicker ordering, and allows you to get the titles as soon as they arrive. Most of the time, you will get new titles on the day of release, sent out in the first mailout with pre-order customers.



New Customers to the Prepaid Mailing List will be given an additional 20% of your first prepaid top up, or £3.00, whichever is the higher. This will be added to your prepaid account balance, which you can request to order, add or withdraw at any time.  Just ask if you need to know more!