Terms & Conditions, Policies and Customer Charter

Terms & Conditions of Sale, Customer Charter, and Policies

These pages set out what you can expect from us, and is updated from Monday 12th June 2017.


  1. Contact Directory

This can be found on the back cover of this guide.


  1. Customer Charter

E-mails, Tweets and Facebook group posts – during our opening days i.e. Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays usually four days per week – subject to change) to be replied within 24 hours (usually 09.30 to 17.30). Outwith these times I will attempt to reply to emails within 48 hours. Where this is outwith this time, I will give a brief explanation and an apology for the delay.


Telephone Calls – our landline numbers (see under Contact Directory) are answered on our behalf by PA Answer Ltd, Ely, Cambridgeshire. They are open seven days a week, with gaps on English bank holidays. They can assist you with new orders (including sales by credit/debit card), enquiries on our range, and more besides. Outside their normal opening hours, you will find a voicemail facility, and messages will be passed to me the next working day. Their staff are specially trained to help, and they will keep everything you say confidential, and personal details secure.


Where they are unable to assist, or if you need to speak to me personally, they will send a message to me. I will then endeavour to return your call within two hours during our core opening times (as per above). At other times, I will attempt to call you within 24 hours. However, I am happy to try to call you as close to a convenient time for you, even outwith office hours.


Letters & Orders by post – we pick up mail from our box downstairs around 10.30 on Mondays to Fridays (Tuesdays and Thursdays can be later if out), and around 10.00 Saturdays. The exact time may vary if our regular postie is off!


We will attempt to reply to all questions and orders as soon as we can. Where we have an issue with your order, and there is a telephone number or email address that I can use, I will try and see clarification. Voicemails will be left if needed, unless you request us not to. We do not do calling on spec – we will only call in relation to an order. We aim to respond within 7 calendar days, wherever possible. Where this is outwith this time, I will give a brief explanation and an apology for the delay.


Print on demand (all except Steven Knight) – the vast majority of our titles (except some of our really old back catalogue titles) we now print in house. We generally print these once a week – usually a Tuesday – and we will pack them up for despatch on a Wednesday morning. All mail generally goes out Royal Mail 2nd Class, unless otherwise requested or agreed (i.e. if it’s a very last minute thing, give us a ring first!)


N.B. The post office in Welwyn Garden City has been “temporarily” closed since October 2016, and is still closed  However, we can still post items in a post box (or take larger items to the closest-by-bus post office in Knightsfield (Shoplands Parade), usually on a Tuesday or Wednesday each  week).


If you buy from our online shop, the BigCartel website will automatically send you an email to let you know, when it is on it’s way. Steven Knight books are fulfilled by the man himself. He keeps stock and will post to you as soon as possible, again by Royal Mail 2nd Class post.


Newsletter – we have two separate Newsletters – our e-News (free and occasionally), or Paper (quarterly). We charge £8 per year for four paper Newsletters, but you will get a discount on every order you place.


If you’ve had enough of the e-News, there is an automated unsubscribe link on every email we send. We are happy to arrange for Newsletters to be sent in most other formats (such as extra large print, coloured paper, or more accessible formats), where we can do so.


Access – Suzy is Typetalk trained, and would welcome calls via this method. We can also contact you via Typetalk on request, when we call you back. See www.typetalk.org if you need further information.


Where we have failed – We will undertake an investigation into the facts and circumstances. We may need more information from you, and we’ll contact you back if that is the case. I will attempt to learn from any errors or mistakes, within the framework we work to, and in. Where we have done something wrong, I will explain what, why and what we will change, or do differently another time. An apology will take account of any shortages or inconvenience caused by our actions, or our lack thereof.


Timetable data – while we do everything we can to make sure the timetables are up to date at the time of sending off to print, we are working in a playing field where things can change very quickly. We do get warning of most changes, but sometimes things happen, operators cease or change hands, or we get incorrect information. Sometimes one of the relevant stakeholders, like a local authority or a consultant, will input the wrong data. Let us know where you see something wrong, and we will ensure that this is corrected for next time, and fed back accordingly.


While bus & train operators do everything they can to operate services as advertised & scheduled, circumstances beyond their control mean that they may not always succeed. No liability can be accepted for the use of our data, E&OE.


  1. Delivery, Cancellation & Damaged Goods Policy


N.B. The post office in Welwyn Garden City has been “temporarily” closed since October 2016, and is still closed  However, we can still post items in a post box (or take larger items to the closest-by-bus post office in Knightsfield (Shoplands Parade), usually on a Tuesday or Wednesday each  week).


We generally process most orders at least once a week. Our own titles are generally printed on Tuesdays, and despatched on a Wednesday. We print to order, thus reducing waste. Steven Knight Media send out their own titles. All our own titles are done in-house, unless otherwise advertised. Once the book gets to you, we have delivered the order that you requested. If a book order has been put through, the book is still printed, and we can then incur charges for your order.


Bulk orders, and books customised, are generally non-returnable, although your Quotation will make this clear. Bulk Orders will incur cancellation charges where work has started for a customised edition. Trade orders are generally done on a sale-or-return basis, but your Invoice will confirm this.


Our internally produced books are generally of good quality, and quickly checked before sending. If we’ve missed something, a page hasn’t come out, or you’re missing something, get in touch and we will be more than happy to rectify the defective pages.

In the case of Steve Knight titles, he will pack and post book titles directly to you. Each book is quality checked by the printer, and Steve does check the books for any obvious signs of defect.


If there is damage or a problem with your copy – either from error or postal/courier damage – please let us know within three calendar days. This can be done by email, post, or by telephone. We will then investigate the matter, make our claims as needed, and replace your order accordingly. If your order has been duplicated – please let us know within three days. This can be done by email, post, or by telephone. We will then investigate the matter, and advise you what to do next.


Please don’t do anything with the order in the meantime, but you will not be out of pocket where we, the postal service, or courier services, are at fault.


If your order has arrived fine, with no damage or other problems, but you still wish to cancel, a handling fee will apply – typically 10% of the retail price of the book order (not including postage/packing or any agreed discounts), with a minimum cost of £5.00. You will also be liable for the cost of returning the goods to us, or to another location as decided by us. These will need to be insured and signed for.


  1. Postage Policy

Each item is now separately advised –many of our books are post-free, with those for others at a fixed postage rate. We are always happy to post internationally, for an additional fee proportionate to the difference of cost. We do not advertise foreign postage/courier rates, as when we need them, we would seek out the best price/service on a case-by-case basis. You are responsible for any customs/incoming mail charges from your local postal or courier services.


  1. Privacy Policy

As the majority of web transactions are done by PayPal, we do not store Credit Card or Debit Card details on our computer systems. Postal orders are fulfilled here. If you pay by cheque or postal order, a note is made of the cheque number, date and amount of the cheque, for standard accounting, and as a back-up in case of loss. If you pay by Card, your details will be destroyed securely after processing.


Telephone orders are fulfilled by PA Answer Ltd of Ely, who will process on our behalf. Your details will be secure again, and destroyed securely after processing. We do not sell your details – financial or otherwise – to any groups for marketing.


Your data is held securely by PA Answer Ltd (phone call answering), BigCartel Inc. (online e-commerce website), PayPal (card payments), Bracey’s Accountants Ltd (accountant, usually anonymous details), Steven Knight Media (so he can post your books to you) Royal Mail / couriers (address on mailing label, so they know where to deliver it), and they have their own privacy/confidential policies. We may pass a contract number to a courier, where we have to send your order this way, in case of problems with the delivery.


Otherwise, we do NOT share your personal or payment details with anyone. You are our customer – not anyone else’s!













  1. Legal Stuff

While the transport operators featured in our publications do everything they can to provide services as scheduled (both here and in other publications), circumstances beyond our control mean that they may not always succeed. Errors & Omissions Excepted – if you see any, let us know via any methods in the Contact Directory on the back page of our current Catalogue.


We are a Limited Company registered at Companies House in England & Wales, registration number 07755607. Registered address, owing to planning restrictions, is c/o HFL Accountants Ltd., HFL House, 1 Saxon Way, Melbourn, Cambs, SG8 6DN. Please do not send items or orders to our accountants, as we have to go get the items.


Because of our turnover, and the fact books are zero-rated, we are not VAT registered.

We reserve the right to clear cheques before despatch, or ask for cash up front for large orders. These methods are only used rarely when it is necessary for the continuity of the company.

Insurance certificates are available on request.


  1. Letters & Deliveries

Letters to us can be delivered by post, courier, or by hand, to Apartment 4, 38-40 Stonehills, Welwyn Garden City, Herts, AL8 6PD. If delivering by hand, make sure the letter is in a wrapper or an envelope marked “Here To There/Apartment 4” or something similar, as this is a shared mailbox. Note this mailbox is located between Lloyds Bank sign and Wrights of Welwyn Garden City estate agents. Courier and postal deliveries are usually accommodated at least four days a week (see 2 above), unless by prior arrangement. Advance notice of bulky courier items is appreciated. We do have to leave the office during these times occasionally, usually for short-notice supplies or meetings. If this is the case, a sign will point you to the place for leaving these, which is Wright’s Estate Agency, next door to the right, at Number 36 (same postcode).


One hour free parking is permitted in Stonehills during the day, with no restrictions outwith these times. A full leaflet with directions for those walking, bus, train or delivery can be had on request, or downloaded at www.suzyscott.com/directions.pdf


We are not a retail store, but are happy to meet customers to hand over books if required, strictly by prior arrangement (as we don’t keep stock!).


  1. Environment

We print on demand, meaning no boxes of old timetables to pulp, or be remaindered. That, on it’s own, makes an immense saving.

We generally print our own books on Cannon Yellow Label (EU Ecolabel F1/11/001) or Xerox Performance (EU Ecolabel F1/11/002) 80gsm paper, made in the EU. Occasionally, in emergencies, we will use paper from Sainsbury’s (PEFC Certified 75gsm/80gsm) or 5Star 75gsm/80gsm (FSC or PEFC Certified) made further afield.

We believe our books are very environmentally friendly, especially when we print in A5. A typical 8 page leaflet, printed online to an A4 size, would use eight sheets of paper. As we print in A5, this means it’s only two sheets of paper. We can equally well print in A4, but double-sided generally saves half the sheets of paper count.

Our ring binders are made in Surrey, using British materials.

We formerly recycled our white paper when we were in Royston, although we do not have access to recycling bins at our premises in Welwyn Garden City. This is something that we find unsatisfactory, but we are doing our best to improve this situation.