Fancy working with us?

As our regular customers know, we are working hard
to expand the range and availability of our books.

Our first few books have been very well received, and
we regularly have requests to expand our coverage
area. We are happy to take on board customer
feedback, and believe we can work with everyone
concerned to be the best, and most comprehensive,
range that intends to fill gaps where they exist. Our
plan of ongoing expansion and development,
through new tools like TNDS, mean we have no
shortage of information – in most cases. What we do
have, is a shortage of time. The time taken to put the
book together (indexes etc.) can add up.

We’ve had a meeting, and we now feel the business
is at a point where we can take on some sub-editors.
This would be on a paid freelance basis. You’d be
self-employed contracting to us. We would pay you
an amount based on the size of the book we finish,
but starting at £50 to complete an Index to Places
Served, and Index to Services If you’ve got Microsoft
Word and Excel, or something similar, you might be
able to help us. Local knowledge is good – especially
in areas where we intend working, or have got
permission to work.

We will supply you with timetables/maps, and give
you a set of guidelines to work by. Ideally we’d look
for you to finish this within a week or two, but special
requirements and needs can be accommodated in
strict confidence. Work other than creating Indexes
may be available from time to time.
You’d be given a complimentary copy of the book,
mentioned in the Credits and in our
Catalogues/Newsletters, and you get a page of the
book to promote your website, blog, Flickr page,
whatever you like – or pass the space onto another
group or charity if you prefer. We’d also be happy to
write references, act as a CV/job application
reference, or recommend you on LinkedIn or
Freelancer, after projects for us.

We can pay by Bank transfer, PayPal,
after work being published.

£50 up to 400 pages, and

£75 to 600 pages, and

£100 for above that.

As we said above this is a selfemployed/
freelance position. Think of it as some money,
rather than ask for volunteer helpers!

We may also have
additional work from time to time, but rates for that
will vary depending on the role and duration.

So, why are we asking for help like this? We work
from home too – and hard. We’d like to have others
to help make our success better. Ideally we would
love to be offering a full benefits and employment
package, but we aren’t able to do so just yet. We
believe this is work rather than volunteering, and are
happy to pay you for this. As you’d be essentially selfemployed
or contracting, you would be responsible
for your own tax and NI payments, plus computing

There is no minimum or maximum age,
except where prohibited by local requirements. If you
are outside of the UK, we still work in the same way,
but you would be strongly advised to double-check
your local requirements. We’d be happy to do letters
for other employers/JCP/DWP to explain what we are
doing, and would endeavour to make everyone

If this goes to plan, we’d offer everyone a
emailed list of work every so often – and then given
prior warning so you can watch for the list. If you are
in a particular area where we intend to produce a
book, we may ask you directly – but if you are
unable, or doing something else – just say, and we
can offer it up to others like yourself.

If you’ve done something before, and it’s already
online i.e. parish newsletters, blogs, websites etc. then
do mention this, so we can have a look at what
you’ve done. If not – don’t worry! We’re not interested
in how many words a minute you can type, but we do
need someone who can turn around these things in a
reasonable time – say within a fortnight or so, but we
can accommodate special needs and requests
without hesitation. This would be pro-rata to a
reasonable book, bigger ones would naturally be
allowed longer. If we’re able to offer you further
work after each project, we would let you know.

An interest or knowledge of transport, or your local
area, is good, but we do not need this. Life comes at
everyone in any number of ways, so we’d be happy to
accommodate anyone, regardless of disability,
mental health status, gender, sexuality, gender
identity, or anyone else. To quote a certain turquoise
bus company “if you’re good, you’re welcome”.
Couldn’t have put it better myself.

To register your interest in helping us;
visit our Get In Touch page/
Please include details of any public profiles i.e.
Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. or online work. These
would not be used to criticise or complain at you,
merely so we can get an idea of you, and to put a
face to the name. Any questions – do get in touch. If
this is not for you, please pass it on to someone else.